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Digital & Texture Perms


Digital & texture perms

first let us explain what a perm is. a 'perm' is a permanent chemical service that one receives to chemically and permanently change the texture of one's hair. one can receive a straight perm to take away texture and curl. or one can receive a texture or digital perm to add texture and wave to one's hair. (at TEN PACHI we do not perform old-fashioned, frizzy perms)


Digital Perm

digital perms not only add texture and wave to the hair, but thermally recondition the hair as well, much like the chemicals and processing of a straight perm. while our wrapping pattern for this perm may be identical to the wrapping patterns of our texture perms, the rods and the chemicals used couldn't be more different. The first step for a digital perm is to shampoo and then condition the hair with a protein treatment. (conditioner cannot be used during or immediately after a texture perm as it may de-activate the cold wave's neutralizer - conditioner is recommended after each shampoo 48 hours post perm) next we apply processing cream to the hair to break down the hair's cross bonds. after careful monitoring we rinse the hair and add another protein treatment. next we wrap the hair in special perm rods and attach those rods to a japanese digital perm machine which heats the rods up to 185 degrees farenheit and dries the hair on the rod. (bring your camera, most clients look like medusa with all those electrical wires — it's pretty funny) once the hair is completely dry and the rods cool down, the neutralizer is applied. after the hair is rinsed, a final protein treatment is applied.

will a digital perm damage my hair?

well, it is a chemical service so yes, but, it will also smooth away frizzy, fly-away hair and leave the hair very soft — chemically soft.


Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 11.47.49 PM.png

Texture Perm

texture perms add texture and soft wave to the hair for a modern, soft look. for texture perms we use traditional cold-wave perm solution with modern, japanese perm rods. first we shampoo the hair, then wrap the hair in special, japanese perm rods. our wrapping patterns are innovative and slightly unusual for the u.s. in that they were incorporated from dot's training in tokyo, japan. next, we apply the waving solution. waving solution breaks down the natural cross bonds of the hair. previously straight hair will start to become limp as it starts to form a new shape around the rod. after the appropriate processing time, the waving solution will be rinsed out and the neutralizer applied. neutralizer will harden the hair's cross-bonds to the rod, permenantly changing the client's hair texture. it's important not to manipulate one's perm for 48 hours manually, or with products, to the best of one's ability. we know it's difficult, but the chemical changes are a shock to hair and letting it adjust and really 'set' will allow the best results.

will a texture perm damage my hair?

texture perms tend to make your hair feel a little more damaged, but that can also make your hair feel thicker. for some clients the swelling of the hair cuticle, along with added wave and texture help create a more voluminous look and feel.

TEN PACHI uses two types of cold-wave solutions; one for virgin hair and one for color-treated hair. these two solutions, along with careful monitoring of processing times allow us to keep damage to a minimum.


what is the difference between a texture perm and a digital perm?

the difference lies in the shape and the texture of the wave created by the process. a texture perm uses cold perm solution and makes the waves that look most prominent when the hair is wet, and they loosen a little when the hair is dry. a digital perm makes the wave most prominent when the hair is dry, and is looser when it is wet. with proper styling, it is easier to create the dry and curly look of the curling iron or the hot curler with the digital perm. digital perms thermally recondition the hair much like the chemicals and processing of a straight perm. one's hair often feels softer, smoother, and shinier after a digital perm than before it.

What is the price difference?

the price for a digital perm on medium length hair is $175 and the texture perm is $125 so there is a considerable price difference between the two. the time commitment in the salon is quite different as well. digital perms on medium length hair are between 2 1/2 hours to 3 hours where a texture perm on medium length hair usually takes around two hours.

if you are wondering which perm is right for your hair, we recommend making a perm consultation appointment. the stylist will be able to speak with you about what your expectations are and analyze your hair-type to determine which perm is right for you. for your consultation appointment, we recommend bringing photos of the wave patterns that you like, as well as photos of waves that you do not like so we can get a good idea of your desired style.